Strategic Pillar: Strengthen

MSU’s primary initial focus must be the delivery of reliable, cost-effective core
infrastructure and services. To do this, MSU needs to:

  • Reduce risk.
  • Eliminate outages.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Accommodate stakeholder needs.

Technology should serve as a tool for enabling the university’s success in implementing its mission and achieving its objectives. Far too often, we’re seeing redundant and overlapping tools across different units at MSU.

Meanwhile, stakeholder needs in many cases aren’t being met by the redundancy in services and systems along with data trapped in silos across MSU. We have the capacity. It’s just ineffectively leveraged.

Focus Areas

Strengthen Focus Areas must:

  • Eradicate technical debt accumulated over decades and ensure contemporary management and rationalized funding to reduce risk of future technical debt.
  • Modernize, stabilize, and scale services to an appropriate level for MSU‐wide use.
  • Improve services to encompass a full array of technology ranging from core infrastructure (e.g., data center, network) to end‐user facing (e.g., learning, research, administrative, data services).
  • Integrate service management (e.g., service desk, project delivery, vendor management) across MSU to realize the value of our stabilization investment. This will require improved talent management to acquire and retain contemporary skill sets.

Measures will include operational metrics, including customer satisfaction, security, and effectiveness.