Strategic Pillar: Innovate

MSU needs to focus on enhancing the end user experience to deliver efficient, timely, and innovative technology services. To do this, MSU needs to:

  • Increase data sharing opportunities.
  • Focus on mobile services.
  • Provide ubiquitous Wi-Fi.
  • Offer a seamless user experience.

As more stable services are offered, greater alignment, effectiveness, and efficiency will be achieved and more innovation programs can be contemplated and realized. Understanding how research and education work at MSU is paramount to this strategy.

Focus Areas

Innovate Focus Areas will:

  • Deliver technology programs that position MSU as a leader in prioritized areas. This will be achieved through thought‐leadership and collaboration.
  • Support collaboration with other units to produce quality, effective, contemporary solutions that “leap frog” MSU in areas appropriate to mission and market.

Measures include delivery of technology innovations that significantly contribute to MSU Bolder by Design outcomes, including the sixth imperative to “Advance our Culture of High Performance.”

Sample Infographic