Strategic Pillar: Align

Alignment must be increased between MSU IT and unit IT to operate as “one MSU IT.” To do this, MSU needs to:

  • Establish enterprise architecture to serve MSU business goals.
  • Improve collaboration.
  • Create and communicate common priorities.
  • Use strategic sourcing from IT across MSU.

Focus Areas

Align Focus Areas will:

  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IT across all MSU through improved alignment of central and unit‐based services.
  • Increase adoption of enterprise‐scale solutions that reduce the need for redundant, unit‐based solutions, making more investment available for innovation. Examples of solutions provided at enterprise scale include but are not limited to network, data center, virtual servers and storage, core academic technology, ERP, research administration, data services, and collaboration tools inclusive of email.
  • Influence the adoption of central solutions and retirement of redundant solutions using leadership capital.

Measures will include increasing the use of enterprise‐scale solutions, decreasing the overall cost of enterprise‐scale solutions to MSU, and increasing investments available for innovation.